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PPD Better Midwives
The PPD Better Midwives 1st Edition aims to help midwives brush up on key topics relevant to their practice.

Trim Size: 6.1" x 9"
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PPD Better Midwives
PPD Better Midwives contains key topics relevant to Philippine midwifery practice

The PPD Better Midwives 1st Edition aims to help midwives brush up on key topics relevant to their practice.

The first part of the book contains discussions on:

  • Maternal Care and Pregnancy
  • Childbirth, Related Laws and Acts
  • Pregnancy and Drug Safety Categories
  • Hormonal Contraceptives by the FPOP
  • Childcare
  • Women's Health Beyond Pregnancy
  • Selected Common Disorders
  • Medicinal Plants by the Department of Health
  • Selected Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramids for Filipinos by the FNRI

The second part of the book is a listing of concise information on selected drugs and supplements that midwives and healthcare professionals (such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists), researchers, managers, key opinion leaders, and experts; and with patients who are or will be on medication, or who have a history of medicine use is provided. This part is a dictionary - style listing of selected generic and brand name entries, grouped into thirty-two health product categories or therapeutic classification.

The PPD Better Midwives serves only to supplement the skills, knowledge, and training of the midwife, not replace them. It does not in itself diagnose conditions; nor does it recommend drug prescriptions, therapies, and practices not specific to midwifery.




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