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Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory (PPD)
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    Medicomm Pacific, Inc. is a publisher of credible, innovative, functionally-designed, information-packed reference systems that are dedicated to the healthcare industry. Through its various channels, Medicomm provides relevant, advance, and up-to-date medical information to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, among other allied professionals. Operating over two decades, Medicommís Reference System has evolved, taking advantage of current technology, to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare professionals in the country.

    The range of Medicommís products and services include both information content and the communication channels through which medical information is disseminated. Through our medical information products, we put together useful medical content from a variety of sources and package this into handy reference materials, informative lay publications and practical educational or instructional programs for both the healthcare professional and their patients. Through our database of more than 50,000 health professionals, we assure our client pharmaceutical companies of reaching the largest number of their targets most cost-effectively. By constantly updating this database, we guarantee our clients of the highest quality circulation for our publications.

    Constant communication with our professional users allows us to innovate, develop and even re-engineer services best fit for todayís trends.

    We are witnessing how the field of medicine is going through very exciting times, especially in the last few years. We are seeing the introduction of several breakthrough products and how these are changing our understanding of disease processes and consequently the way medicine is being practiced worldwide. We are also seeing how the practice of medicine is shifting its focus from the organ to the cell. Because of these shifts, new diagnostic and treatment modalities are emerging, driven mainly by advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering. All these shifts and developments have been information driven. The amount and quality of information available have made possible the formation of new paradigms. These new paradigms have, in turn, led to the transformation of the understanding and practice of medicine. This has given rise to the ever rising and constantly expanding cycle of new information leading to new developments generating more and newer information. Medical information is the business of Medicomm.


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